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Thank you for visiting HelpMeShop where we try and take the strain out of shopping on the Internet. Below we have provided some answers to common questions we receive but if you would like to know anything else please e-mail us at

How many products are on the site?

There are 1 million products on the HelpMeShop database for you to search, compare, buy and review.

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Whose products are they?

Currently we have over 350 different partners from some of the biggest high street names (Tesco, PC World, Comet, Dyson, Phones4U, Boots etc), biggest Internet names (CD WOW, EmpireDirect, Pixmania,, Firebox etc) to smaller specialist shops (Simply Beach, Wedding Delights, etc). Whatever you are looking for, this is a great place to start.

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Am I buying from HelpMeShop?

No. HelpMeShop enables you to find the product, compare the prices for it from each of our partners who supply it. Once you have found the right deal for you, select the 'buy direct from partner' button and you will be taken directly to the relevant page of the partners site so you can buy online.

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What is the best way to search the site?

Quick Search

The Quick Search found on the home page enables you to type in free format the item you are looking for. HOWEVER, Quick Search has a smaller number of products in the database to make the search process fast.

Category Heading Search

Clicking on any of the Category headings displayed in the second box takes you directly to a dedicated product database of relevant products - MANY MORE than are available in Quick Search. On the category page you can type in your search criteria in free format.

Category Search

Under each of the category headings we have also provided some suggested categories to speed up your search.

Refining your Seach

In some instances, particularly with over 1,000,000 products on the database, this may still bring back too many items to review in which case if you scroll back to the search box you can add some additional words to the entry displayed to refine your search.

See all Partners

If you are looking for a product from a particular HelpMeShop Partner then use the 'See All Partners' link in the relevant shop to see a list. Please note this will only be a list of those Partners in the shop you are in i.e. Electricals, Entertainment etc.

See all Categories

As above, you can also review all the sub-categoies available in each shop.

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Finding the right deal

If you have searched using the above hints, you will find the products you are looking for and can begin comparing prices and making your choices. A couple of things to watch out for:

  • Our database is organised by product name. As our Partners can sometimes use different names for the same item the items in our pages may be shown separately rather than together. To avoid this problem please check items that have a similar name to the item you first look at.... you may find an even better bargain.
  • Similarly, when you are comparing prices makes sure they are like for like - in other words you are not comparing the prices for 'Grease' the DVD, CD and Book when you were only trying to buy the CD. Remember to read the descriptions on our site when comparing and also confirming to buy through our Partner

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Prices may vary

We update our database regularly to reflect the latest prices available but there will of course be times when the prices may vary. However, the prices provide a good indication and when you click through to purchase you will see the selling price before anything is confirmed.

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Delivery charges

HelpMeShop will show the sale price but you may also need to pay delivery charges - again, this will be advised to you before purchase on our Partners site.

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